28 Jun

When I was in college, I signed up for an introductory Philosophy course. I sat through a few lectures and a discussion section or two, but my head swam as I tried to grasp what was being said. I was young, and silly enough at the time to think that all I had to do was keep working at it and eventually all would become clear. Unfortunately, my attempts at understanding philosophy, even at the introductory level, took so much effort, and left me so spent, that my other classes suffered. I withdrew, but my intention was to try to learn at least some of the basic concepts on my own, when I had time.

As my attention drifted into other arenas, philosophy faded into background noise, like tinnitus, but when there’s sufficient environmental noise that the tinnitus can’t be heard.

Lately, when researching some of the objections people have to atheism, agnosticism, and other forms of unbelief, I’ve come across the term “spirituality.” It seemed to me to be one of those words that people think they understand, even if they can’t articulate its definition. But that makes it slippery. By that standard, there could be as many definitions of “spirituality” as there are adherents to it, whatever it is. I thought, surely there is a definition (or even two or three or ten definitions) that could help me understand whatever it is that people mean when they talk of “spirituality.”

I turned to wikipedia for assistance.

And my head swam, or it tried to.

Because the wikifuckingpedia article left me wondering what the hell it was trying to say, my head swam. And then it trod water. And then it swirled in the vortex of a whirlpool of… I don’t know what.

So now the plan is, when I have some time, to read up a little on spirituality to see if it’s worth the effort.

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