Cute Pope News, Vol. 4

05 Aug

I think it’s 4. Kind of early to be losing count, but there it is.

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks for the Roman Catholic Church. On July 25th, ABC News in Australia reported that the Catholic Church apologized for essentially stealing “at least 150,000” babies from their mothers without the mothers’ prior consent or even the knowledge that their babies would be taken from them.

On August 8th, the Herald Sun reported that Brother Robert Best pleaded guilty to “27 charges of abusing 11 boys between 1969 and 1988. Bishop of Ballarat Peter Connors downplayed the possibility of learning anything significant about sex abuse cases involving the Roman Catholic Church in Australia, even after it was learned that 26 young men committed suicide “after being abused by priests and brothers in Ballarat.” (The Herald Sun reported: “Best was principal at St Alipius primary school in Ballarat at the same time convicted serial pedophile and priest Gerald Ridsdale was the school chaplain.”) Bishop Connors magnanimously agreed that the abuse was wrong, but that further inquiry into the matter would not reveal anything new.

In the meantime (August 1), the Pope implored the people of the world to help the starving people in Africa.

“In the Eucharist, Jesus makes us witnesses to God’s compassion for every brother and sister,” the Pope said.

Apparently, the world is supposed to send Eucharists to feed the starving?

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