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Cute Pope News, Vol. 4

I think it’s 4. Kind of early to be losing count, but there it is.

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks for the Roman Catholic Church. On July 25th, ABC News in Australia reported that the Catholic Church apologized for essentially stealing “at least 150,000” babies from their mothers without the mothers’ prior consent or even the knowledge that their babies would be taken from them.

On August 8th, the Herald Sun reported that Brother Robert Best pleaded guilty to “27 charges of abusing 11 boys between 1969 and 1988. Bishop of Ballarat Peter Connors downplayed the possibility of learning anything significant about sex abuse cases involving the Roman Catholic Church in Australia, even after it was learned that 26 young men committed suicide “after being abused by priests and brothers in Ballarat.” (The Herald Sun reported: “Best was principal at St Alipius primary school in Ballarat at the same time convicted serial pedophile and priest Gerald Ridsdale was the school chaplain.”) Bishop Connors magnanimously agreed that the abuse was wrong, but that further inquiry into the matter would not reveal anything new.

In the meantime (August 1), the Pope implored the people of the world to help the starving people in Africa.

“In the Eucharist, Jesus makes us witnesses to God’s compassion for every brother and sister,” the Pope said.

Apparently, the world is supposed to send Eucharists to feed the starving?

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Cute Pope News, vol. 3

Pope Benedict XVIurged the international community to assist Somalians and other Africans fleeing the drought- and famine-ridden Horn of Africa. The Sacramento Bee reports that the Pope “called it a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ that is ‘severely testing our brothers and sisters, among them many children.'”

Okay, so this is serious rather than just cute, but it is also uncontroversial.
In case anyone is wondering why I do “Cute Pope News,” it’s because I’ve noticed a tendency for the Roman Catholic Church to issue notices of the Pope’s innocent, or at least, innocuous doings at about the same time as some scandal is about to make news, perhaps intentionally diverting attention away from the controversy. To wit:
Cardinal Justin Rigali is being replaced as head of the Philadelphia archdiocese because of his mishandling of sexual abuse claims against Catholic priests.

A few of the priests were no longer in Philadelphia and some were no longer priests when Rigali (right) arrived. At first Rigali reacted by saying no Philadelphia priests in ministry had “an admitted or established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them.” Under the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ “Dallas” Charter to Protect Children and Youth, approved in June 2002, bishops need not get admissions from the priests but are to to turn them over to the civil authorities for investigation.Rigali hired an outside investigator, a former prosecutor, to look into the charges against the priests.

With her report in hand on Mardi Gras Day, Rigali suspended 21 priests accused of sexual abuse. There was a scramble to find priests to say Ash Wednesday Mass. Not even in Boston had so many priests been suspended in one day. Later, his archdiocese’s lay board accused Rigali and his clerical administrative team of keeping many accusations from them. Each diocese must have a sexual accusations review lay board of experts. Rigali’s lack of muscular oversight, at best, not only upset Philadelphia Catholics but Catholics across the nation. Many bishops who do uphold the charter were said to be livid.

This just never ends.

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Cute Pope News, vol. 2

The National Catholic Register reports cheerfully that 12 Catholic youth will have lunch with Pope Benedict XVI on August 19, 2011. According to the linked story, the Pope will meet separately with “two young people from each of the five continents that are represented, as well as two young people from Spain.”

That’s so cute!

In other Cute Pope News, or at least Cute Roman Catholic Church News, the New York Times reports that the pedophile priest scandal in Ireland is known to have continued at least until 2009, despite guidelines put in place in the 1990s that were designed to protect children. The RCC is reported to have dismissed the guidelines as a “study document,” and continued to insist that the clergy follow canon only.

In the meantime, the RCC in Germany has opened its personnel files in an attempt to restore trust in the church there. The New York Times reports:

Record numbers of Catholics left the church in Germany last year after hundreds of cases of previously unreported child abuse, both sexual and physical, came to light, including a case of a priest with a history of molesting boys who was returned to pastoral duties by the archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI. The priest was later convicted of molesting more boys.

The Irish Times provides a concise (and undoubtedly abbreviated) timeline of the abuse scandal. The events listed are not limited to Ireland.

Isn’t that all just… adorable?

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Cute Pope News

Pope Benedict XVI has started tweeting. So far, he’s had considerable assistance in his tweety efforts.

Isn’t that just the cutest?

In other Cute Pope News:

The Vatican continues to assert that condom use makes the African AIDS/HIV epidemic worse, and that premarital celibacy and fidelity in marriage are the only solutions. Reality is just an excuse for not obeying the presumably celibate Pontiff’s dictates on bedroom behavior.

Aww… so cute!

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